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Welcome, Jeff, glad you’re here. 

Congratulations on your FHA refi volume in 2020!  

Our data analytics team identified a data strategy that could help grow your FHA refi business by 10% or more, which means your current 2020 volume of $187,886,964, while very impressive, could be upward of $206,675,660.  

Our team also noticed a decline of -25% in VA refi volume this year. In case this wasn’t an intentional strategy, we’ve also identified a marketable data niche that we believe can help reverse that trend.    

If this is of interest, I’m happy to talk through the details.

Send me an email at or fill out the form below to schedule a good time to talk.

Monster Lead Group is the only company that uses proprietary data algorithms to drive direct mail that delivers consistent, predictable inbound calls in any market.


It's been your consistency; it's been unbelievably consistent. It's really like clockwork... We're able to grow and scale because of the predictability of the Monster campaigns.

Steven J. SlessPRMI Reverse Mortgage

Somebody can charge me half as much as you guys do, but I can't get beyond the level of your results. For me, service means a hell of a lot and the results speak for themselves.

John KresevicJFQ Lending

We've basically stopped doing all other marketing and gone 100% with Monster.

Manny FajardoPremier Lending Corp

Unique Calls Received

Loans Originated

More Than $10,000,000,000
In Originations