An 8-week plan to radically change the future of your mortgage business.

Where will your business be 8 weeks from now?

Will you be right where you are today, or will you be on a clear path to the consistent, predictable growth you really want?

One is easy. The other is far more rewarding.

If you want the reward of knowing exactly how to reach any goal you set for your future, then The Monster Way is the most direct route.

  • Week 1 – Your first marketing campaign drops and phones start ringing. We’re observing, learning and giving feedback.
  • Week 2 – The second campaign begins, we’re coaching those who need it and the changes are felt throughout the team.
  • Week 3 – By the third campaign MLOs are buying in, “Aha” moments are happening, more apps are being taken.
  • Week 4 – After your fourth campaign you know who’s killing it and who needs help, and we’ve got their back all the way!
  • Week 5 – You’re bringing on more MLOs, increasing your mail pieces, converting more calls that you thought possible.
  • Week 6 – It’s about the sales manager, new campaigns are launched and we’re working on accountability and performance
  • Week 7 – Campaign cadence is increasing, we’re completing your Monster Play Book and readying your next transition.
  • Week 8 – The last campaign comes with a complete custom Monster Play Book, and your MLOs are ready to graduate!

Typical results after 8 weeks:

6x ROI from monster

86% application rate

2x-5x response rate

2x more closed loans
vs other direct marketing

100% more confidence
and job satisfaction

Stable or hiring
during 2018

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