On this episode of Fintech Hunting, Michael Hammond hosts special guest Ken Bartz Founder & CVO of Monster Lead Group.  Ken shares his insights and experience to help lenders achieve explosive growth.  He was once a loan officer, sales manager, mortgage executive and ultimately the owner of a mortgage company. He understands the difficulties related to mortgage originations that lenders face daily.  He is grateful for the opportunity to give back; to help other mortgage professionals reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.

The podcast host will be Michael Hammond JD, CMT, keynote speaker, author and founder of NexLevel Advisors. Join Michael as he seeks out will tech visionaries, leading lenders, trailblazing executives, and other Financial influencers to bring you actionable insights and lead generation tactics all centered around industry greatness and success.


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Monster Lead Group

Monster Lead Group offers mortgage businesses a comprehensive targeted lead service with a proven track record of a superior response rate, improved efficiency, and increased profits. Through our Monster Lead Machine and Monster Custom Report Manager, our clients generate more quality leads, attract more responses, and get more clients to grow their bottom line.