In this video, mortgage industry sales guru Daniel Nicart (SalesRemastered.com) and mortgage marketing expert and CVO Ken Bartz (MonsterLeadGroup.com) reveal the secrets of predictable, repeatable sales for both Sales Managers and MLOs.

Discover the proven, time-tested sales methods you should be using to radically change the trajectory of your business and the secret ingredients of a high performing sales process. With both of these in place, you can outperform your best months and mitigate the impact when the market slows or rates increase.

Imagine finally having the knowledge and a plan for how to prepare for and manage your sales and your teams, without worrying about what the market will do tomorrow, next month or next year.

These are the exact methods both Daniel and Ken have used to build their mortgage businesses that not just survived but thrived, even in the downturns.

Here are 5 insights for MLOs and Managers, straight from the pros, to fortify your business

For MLOs:

  1. How to drive the Sales Conversation
  2. How to differentiate yourself from competitors
  3. How to foster loyalty and create urgency

For Managers:

  1. The Really simple answer to “how do we own the customer?”
  2. One thing every sales manager must know to build an elite team
  3. One change in sales habit that protects against market shift


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