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““Hey Mike, Wow, lead flow is insane this week. We are doing our best to staff up and are also expanding offices in the next couple of months. That said, I think we need a week off to catch up. Is that possible? Good problem to have… Thanks!””

Division Manager of a Mortgage Brokerage

“I started working with [Monster] at the end of 2011 and have been using their marketing every week, consistently, for over (8) years now. I use the software they provide every single morning. It allows me to listen to every call my team makes... Plus I can track the results of all my campaigns and see which ones are working best for us.”

Chief Operating Officer of a Mortgage Company

“Monster has performed incredibly well for 5 straight years. There are 2 things that they do that I love; one, I can always get a human being on the line if I have any questions or concerns and two, THEY GET ME RESULTS!”

Senior VP of a Mortgage Company

“I would send out 5,000 pieces a week and was averaging about a 0.5% response. After bringing Monster on board we cut the amount of pieces back to 2,000 and started getting a response rate of over 3%. They... improve not only my response rates but conversions.”

Managing Partner of a Mortgage Brokerage

“The number one reason we work with Monster is because they are exceptionally good. They consistently produce for us. In fact this year their marketing products are the top producers for us across all four of our locations.”

Director of Business Strategy at a Mortgage Bank

“Today we received a lot of calls. We did have some higher loan amounts at 4% so it would pay for itself with the recoup. I wanted to call and thank you personally because now the loan officers are happy we can get some packs out the door.”

Branch Manager of a Mortgage Bank

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