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“We started in August 2017 with four loan officers. Two years later, we’ve got about 220. The first company we decided on was Monster. And we’ve never used anybody else. 95% to 96% of [our growth] comes directly from Monster.”

John Kresevic, JFQ Lending, Inc.

“I think how Monster can get to that specific client, that's unmatched. I think that's what makes you guys different… and it works..”

Aram Shwani with Nick Borunda, JFQ Lending, Inc.

“We're able to grow and scale operations because of the predictability of Monster's campaigns. Its' a real marketing system, it's not just sending email.”

Steven J. Sless, PRMI Reverse Mortgage Div. Manager

“It is really great to have a one stop shop like Monster... I have been using their marketing every week, consistently, for over 4 years now.”

Franco Prezioso, Service 1st Mortgage

“We have really given up all other lead sources that we were involved in before and gone 100% with Monster...”

Manny Fajardo, President, Premiere Lending LLC

“Monster is a very intricate part of our success and how we keep the phones ringing.”

Ryan Sawyer, United Mortgage Corporation

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