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“Monster has performed incredibly well for 5 straight years. There are 2 things that they do that I love; one, I can always get a human being on the line if I have any questions or concerns and two, THEY GET ME RESULTS!”

Senior VP of a Mortgage Company

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February 18, 2019

Why You Should Stop Selling Loans and Start Selling This Instead

There are a few reasons why conversion rates in the mortgage industry are so low. For one, a mortgage is a huge investment -- something that consumers have always and…
Monster Lead Group Mortgage Marketing ; a proven track record of a superior response rate, improved efficiency, and increased profits. EducationalTraining
January 30, 2019

The Secret to Selling Loans in a Rising Rate Market (and Why Your Borrowers Will Love It)

With consumers hanging onto low interest rates, many mortgage professionals are strategically focusing on sales of cash-out refinance options. Pivoting toward these alternative options is definitely a step in the…
EducationalIndustry News
December 20, 2018

Planning for Your Mortgage Company in 2019: Focusing on Efficiency & Home Equity

2018 was likely a challenging year for your mortgage company, given tough market conditions and a stagnant housing inventory. With a new year ahead and hard times behind, it can…
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