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Monster Lead Group Mortgage Marketing The Seven Deadly Sins of Mortgage Mailers

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Monster Lead Group generates proven and predictable models that cut costs and improve conversion rates.

Monster uses proven psychological and data-driven methods to create custom marketing campaigns that are a precise fit for your target demographic and your product. We see and analyze the results from millions of marketing impressions every month.

With over 15 different data points tracked on any given campaign, we know precisely what’s working, what’s not — and why. The benefit to you is that we are able to guide you away from potential risks that would otherwise be unknown.

Monster Lead Group; a proven track record of a superior response rate, improved efficiency, and increased profits.



Our Approach

Strong Response Rates

The truth is—other than a referral, an inbound lead is the strongest kind you can get. No lead is warmer than someone calling you.

High Quality Calls

The calls you’ll receive will be from prospects who need a loan—and in most cases, you’re the only company they’re talking to. Result: a higher chance of converting.

Efficient Campaign Management

Your marketing campaign gets designed, your data gets managed, your leads get tracked, and your team gets trained—all in one place.

Profitable ROI

With a proven and predictable model, you can cut costs, improve your conversion rate, and consistently scale your organization.


In 2018 our marketing campaigns out performed all other marketing mediums










What Our Clients Are Saying

“I have been in the mortgage industry for almost 15 years and in that time I have tried a ton of different companies who had ‘the best’ program in market and all of these companies at some point failed. The biggest problem I found with other groups is consistency. Monster has performed incredibly well for 5 straight years. There are 2 things that they do that I love; one, I can always get a human being on the line if I have any questions or concerns and two, THEY GET ME RESULTS! I get calls all the time from someone offering me another marketing program and my answer to them is always the same ‘my allegiance is with Monster’.”

Scott MarshSenior VP, Equity Prime Mortgage

“The #1 reason we work with Monster is because they are exceptionally good. They consistently produce for us. In fact this year their marketing products are the Top Producers for us across all four of our locations. Since we’ve started working with them about a year and a half ago we tripled our mail volume simply because the response rate has been really really good. Ken is someone we value greatly. He makes Monster much more than an outstanding direct mail shop because he offers himself intellectually on many other subjects, plus he continues to reinvent and reengineer the messaging in order to decrease the chances of the mail getting stale.”

Howard KoreyDirector of Business Strategy, The Federal Savings Bank

“I’ve been in the mortgage business for over 20 years and with Service 1st Mortgage for 16. Before I found Monster Lead Group I would often write all my own pieces, but I have to tell you it is really great to have a one stop shop like Monster. I started working with them at the end of 2011 and have been using their marketing every week, consistently, for over 4 years now. I use the software they provide every single morning. It allows me to listen to every call my team makes right from my office which is far more efficient and effective than standing over someone’s shoulder. Plus I can track the results of all my campaigns and see which ones are working best for us.”

Franco PreziosoCOO, Service First Mortgage

“I’ve been working with monster for almost 3 years, but before I worked with them I was doing all my own marketing. I would send out 5,000 pieces a week and was averaging about a 0.5% response. After bringing Monster on board we cut the amount of pieces back to 2,000 and started getting a response rate of over 3%. The truth is, I’m in business to make money so the return on investment is key. The guys at Monster are also businessmen with a background in the mortgage industry. What I really like about them is they are constantly innovating and re-creating their marketing approach to improve not only my response rates but conversions. They understand that conversions are far more valuable than just making the phone ring.”

Nick BirchManaging Partner, Credence Funding Corp.

My commitment to each of my clients is to constantly be searching for market potential and to provide marketing congruent with organizational strategy and philosophy, so that each may achieve their respective potential.

Ken BartzFounder & CVO
Monster Lead Group; a proven track record of a superior response rate, improved efficiency, and increased profits.

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