Lead Generation for Mortgage Marketing & Sales.

Generate more leads, close more loans, and grow your business - all without breaking a sweat.

The results speak for themselves. 75% to 80% of our growth comes from Monster’s direct marketing.

John Kresevic
President, JFQ Lending

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Close more mortgage deals.

  • Data Driven
  • Sales Focused
  • Total Support
  • Find the right borrowers.

    Closing more loans starts with finding the right borrowers. We can help with that.

    Four proprietary algorithms comb through our database consisting of millions of records - each with hundreds of data points. And the entire database is updated every two weeks.

    What does this mean for you?

    Your campaign will only target borrowers with a high propensity to transact. That's one reason our response rate is at least 3x higher than the industry average. Learn more about our smart data and how it makes your life easier.

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  • Convert more calls into loans.

    Every week our team listens to thousands of hours of phone calls to identify what your team is doing right and where there's an opportunity to improve. Then we come back to you with a data-driven approach for converting more calls into sales.

    With in-depth call reporting, you know how your LOs are handling common objections. And you'll hear borrowers' pain points in their own words.

    But that's not the best part.

    You get personalized call scripts that address those objections. We'll help coach your team, so they know how to respond. And so you close more deals.

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  • Industry expertise included.

    Your team

    Your campaign will have a seasoned account strategist overseeing and managing it. Each week they'll deliver tailored insights and guidance to help drive sales.

    Executing on the campaign is a team of in-house designers, copywriters, analysts and production managers. And behind the scenes, our data scientists and developers manage the database, algorithms, platform, and analytics.

    But there's even more

    You'll also get exclusive access to a team with over 60 years of mortgage industry experience. There's a good chance they understand the challenges you face when the market shifts. And you could end up growing faster.

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How we help

in originations

In the last 5 years alone we've generated over $45B in loan originations. And our clients didn't talk to a mailhouse, obsess over data, or cold call.

Direct marketing that's easy. Finally.

In-house creative

We've been studying & testing the psychology of borrowers for years - learning what drives response. This fuels our creative process - 100% of which is managed in-house by a team of designers and writers.

Easy lead management

From our client portal you can manage leads, track sales progress, and review detailed reports. You also receive real-time call analytics & recordings. Or drill down to see how individual campaigns or LOs are performing.

Exclusive leads

When you choose your data, those addresses are exclusively yours and aren't available to anyone else. That means better response rates from every marketing dollar you spend.

Why Monster?

  • 60k+ loans originated in 2020

  • 60+ years of mortgage expertise

  • 700,000+ unique calls in 2020

  • 2x-5x higher response rates

  • Exclusive mortgage leads

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell leads?

No, we do not sell lead data or lead lists. Our data-driven model finds borrowers who are likely to transact. And we provide your team with more opportunities to close deals.

What is your response rate?

Response rates vary based on several factors. The industry average for direct response campaigns is less than .5%.

By contrast, our clients see double that, and the median response rate was 2.8%.

Are you a mail house?

We're not a mail house. However, one component of our direct response solution includes managing relationships with mail houses.

Can we buy credit data from you?

Sorry, we're not in the business of selling data. Credit data alone only gives you a narrow view of a borrower. That's why it's just one component of data model.

With Monster, we have a 4.5% conversion rate and 50% lower acquisition costs.

Steven J. Sless
Head of Reverse Mortgages
Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

Mortgage Lead Generation Campaigns

Whether you’re selling conventional cash outs, FHA streamlines, VA refi’s or reverse mortgages, we can help you generate leads that close. Monster also includes sales training to help drive a higher close rate. Our proprietary database is refreshed bi-weekly so you have access to the most recent data.


  • Cash Out
  • Debt Consolidation
  • MI Removal
  • Streamlines


  • Cash Out
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Purchase Loan


  • Amortization
  • Arm to Fixed
  • Cash Out & HELOC
  • MI Removal
  • Rate & Term
  • Term Reduction


  • HECM to HECM
  • Reverse Origination

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