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For any mortgage organization, compliance has its own set of challenges:

  • Controlling Advertising Copy Usage Across Multiple Branches
  • Monitoring Hundreds of Phone Calls Between Loan Officers and Leads
  • Not Owning Adequate Resources to Address Complaints
  • A Need for Scrupulous Oversight in Invoicing
  • The Ever-Present Specter of Non-Compliant Actions
  • Proof of Firm Offer of Credit

Fortunately, these challenges are minor due to our automated compliance module. We've created a compliance process that eliminates most problems. And it includes customizable corporate controls.

Creative Templates

First, an email with design proofs is sent to the compliance delegate and the primary POC.

The compliance delegate will also get an approval link. Once the compliance delegate approves the template, it's available for use in our system.

Since our system generates a print-ready PDF, there is no way to circumvent this process. The system will only allow approved templates to be used.

Updates and changes go through the same approval process.

Order + Invoice Management Process

When the order is placed, the POC will receive an email confirmation with the campaign criteria, number of pieces, and cost. The marketing delegate will get the same email, but it will also include the creative template. Another message will be sent once the order criteria are approved. These steps give corporate more insight without slowing down the process.

Seeding Process

All campaigns include seeds to ensure quality and delivery time frames. The seeds are added to the list and receive the message the same as a borrower. We'll add a delegate of your choosing in addition to an independent service that we provide. We're the only direct marketing provider to include this service on every campaign we run.

FTP Printing Process

Our system will automatically post the entire file to a secure FTP portal. So, each campaign you run will include a proof and a digital copy.

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