Better Lead Generation Campaigns for Mortgage Lenders

Better Lead Generation Campaigns for Mortgage Lenders

By William D'Innocenzo

About 3 min

Intelligent Response for Mortgage Lenders Who Want Successful Direct Mail Campaigns. Delivering direct mail mortgage campaigns doesn't have to a hassle.

Delivering direct mail mortgage acquisition campaigns is tough. From designing the marketing creative to working with mail houses, mortgage professionals struggle with the amount of effort involved to get to the point where the envelopes are ready to be metered for postage.

Most lenders can't fund internal analytics experts who optimize campaign lists, source data enhancements, and drive positive campaign results.

And after mail delivery, campaign visibility is hazy, at best. Managing to track and handle the inbound calls has its own set of challenges.

Intelligent response allows lenders to leverage cutting-edge technology for direct mail marketing without having to do it themselves or break the bank.

Applying technology to direct mail campaigns enables Monster to generate above-average response rates. And conversions from lead to closed-loan are higher than a direct mail company.

Monster's intelligent response service allows lenders to manage their direct mail efforts with a single phone call to their account manager. In minutes they can launch a custom, high-converting direct mail campaign. And lenders can maximize their ROI while generating predictable, scalable call volumes.

The account manager also handles all the details from strategy and data to printing, mailing, and reporting.

Monster's data science team manages algorithms that analyze the entire U.S. property database with five years of historical data. They're able to find, score and rank the borrowers with the highest propensity to respond and transact to a lender's unique campaign.

The intelligent response system features a secure client portal and dashboard to provide a real-time view of campaigns, calls, and conversions – with full visibility down to the individual letter. Its automated compliance module and engine allow multi-branch networks to centrally control their direct mail compliance needs with customizable corporate controls. And no piece of mail goes out without approval by clients and their compliance department.

Lenders benefit from exclusive campaign delivery: No two pieces of mail are ever sent to the same mailbox simultaneously, which eliminates crossover data and reduces competition.

Once a lender's mail campaign goes out, they can look forward to receiving quality calls within days that convert with a high ROI. The consistency and predictability of campaigns mean they can scale accordingly to handle call volumes.

This system is ideal for lenders looking for a trusted partner to help them grow their business. Lenders benefit from the same high-tech and data-driven marketing solutions as only the largest institutions can afford. And with better targeting and higher response rates than those provided by a mail house.

Lenders appreciate the expertise of Monster's account strategists and leaders. They save time and energy and receive transparency and visibility in campaigns. Lenders know what to expect from each campaign without needing to be involved with each step.

Snapshot: Monster's turnkey direct mail marketing system uses proprietary technology and custom data algorithms to provide consistent, predictable inbound calls to mortgage lenders. Intelligent response is for mortgage lenders and brokers who struggle with creating, delivering and measuring successful direct mail campaigns.

With a single call each week, your account strategist takes the burden of execution off your shoulders and manages your entire campaign, from order placement to mail-drop to getting your phones ringing.

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