How To Get Borrowers To Take Action

How To Get Borrowers To Take Action

By Ken Bartz

About 2 min

How To Use The "Law Of Consistency" To Get Borrowers To Take Action

Most people will do what they say they will.

This behavior is human nature and it's called the "law of consistency" - acting consistent with your words. When you understand how it works, you can get borrowers to apply this law and agree that a refi makes good sense. Not understanding the law of consistency hurts many Loan Officers because they don't know how to tie people's words to their actions, which leaves them in a weaker position.

To do this, you need to get them to tell you what's holding them hostage: massive credit card debt? High interest mortgage? Then paint them a picture of what life would be like without that crushing debt or high payment and get them to agree that life would be better if that pain were gone.

Watch as Head Monster Ken Bartz walks you through exactly how to do this with common scenarios you face daily, and what to say to help the consumer admit their desires and act on their own words using the law of consistency.

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