How To Overcome "Let Me Think About It" By Removing Risk

How To Overcome "Let Me Think About It" By Removing Risk

By Ken Bartz

About 3 min

How To Overcome "Let Me Think About It" By Removing Risk

It’s human nature that we move away from risk faster than we move toward reward. A mortgage is one of the riskiest investments a person will make in their lifetime -- so it’s no surprise that people get nervous having conversations about potential changes to their home loan.

Not only can mortgage “jargon” scare a consumer off, but the thought of assuming risk through a refinance, sale, or purchase can lead a consumer to quickly back out of a sales conversation before the loan officer is even able to explain potential benefits. To the consumer, the risk is simply too real.

You can feel the shift in the conversation the moment it happens. The consumer hesitates, says they need to check with their spouse, or they want to think about it. This is especially true if the potential benefits of a mortgage haven’t been clearly communicated as to how they outweigh the risks. For most consumers in today’s market, there are few outright obvious benefits to changing their home loans. Without big benefits to focus on, you’ll probably lose them.

At Monster, we teach loan officers how to remove the concept of risk from sales conversations by shifting the focus to becoming their trusted adviser who is simply providing information.

This tactic accomplishes two important things: It creates instant trust by shifting your energy away from making a sale (you-focused) and toward being a guide and authority the consumer needs to help them make a good decision (them-focused).

Discussing the plain, objective facts about a mortgage can be just as compelling as discussing the actual financial transaction -- but without the risk. Information is a high-value, low-risk product that loan officers can provide consumers (at a low cost, too!).

Removing risk from your sales discussion can help consumers feel more educated, confident, and empowered to take the next step.

But how exactly do you remove risk when, in reality, there is always risk?

In this video, CVO Ken Bartz shows you exactly how to master this expert sales tactic and tap into the “transference of risk” for better results.

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