How To Keep A Good Call Sales From Going South

How To Keep A Good Call Sales From Going South

By Ken Bartz

About 2 min

What your saying might be making borrowers run. Learn how to keep good calls from going south.

When dealing with consumers, we want to try to keep consumers on one side of their brain. Our brains are kind of divided into two parts: one is automatic and the other is analytical. With the automatic side we have a thing called cognitive ease and on the analytical side we have a thing called cognitive stress.

The best example I can give of this is if you've ever driven home from work, I'm sure you've gotten all the way home and not remember the drive home, right? So the drive home would be an example of cognitive ease.

Now, let's take that same exact drive home to demonstrate cognitive stress. And this time instead of you just driving home, there's a police officer following you.

And what happens with consumers is when they switch from cognitive ease to cognitive stress during a call...... you can hear it.

It's really important to try and keep people in cognitive ease. So speak in normal terminology. Let's not go down the path of talking about industry terminology and talking about scary terms. Talk in human terms like it would be talking to your friend.

Watch as Head Monster Ken Bartz walks you through exactly how to keep a borrower in cognitive ease.

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