Planning for Your Mortgage Company: Focusing on Efficiency & Home Equity

Planning for Your Mortgage Company: Focusing on Efficiency & Home Equity

By Ken Bartz

About 4 min

With a new year ahead of us, there’s no better time to start planning for success.

2020 probably wasn't a challenging year for your mortgage company. Although years past have been. With a new year ahead and hard times behind, it can be difficult for mortgage professionals to figure out how to best allocate resources in 2021. You may feel like you can't afford to try out anything new or different. But at the same time, repeating 2020's business plan probably won't work either.

A fresh take on your 2021 budget may reveal areas where you can tighten and streamline operations for improved efficiency, thus freeing up resources for innovation and creativity. Our technological tools, as well as our savvy mortgage marketing strategies, deliver the perfect solution for companies who want to make a change -- without needing to spare too much change along the way.

Creating Smarter, More Efficient Processes

A common mistake in the mortgage industry is the collection of technological tools with limited scope. A typical mortgage company may pay for ten or more different tools and services to collect data, and then be left with an overwhelming amount of mismatched and confusing numbers to analyze in-house. This piecemeal approach is not only inefficient, but also ineffective as gaps and duplications in data are bound to exist among different platforms.

Another prevalent problem is reliance on repeated yet low-yielding processes, or more simply put, the fear of the unknown. Faced with an overwhelming amount of available tech tools and third-party platforms, many mortgage companies stick with their tried-and-true approach in fear of investing in the wrong resource. Not only is this "old school" attitude problematic in adopting more efficient tools, but it can also lead to low morale and performance among sales team members.

Our technology streamlines data collection and analysis for clients, saving them significant resources and reducing stress. Our easy-to-use data dashboards allow clients to quickly identify leads, track sales progress, and monitor results. Our efficient mortgage marketing tools save clients millions of dollars in expenses -- and generate thousands more in sales.

Crafting Data-Based Marketing Campaigns, With a Focus on Home Equity

With more time, information, and budget to work with, the next step is to appropriately allocate these resources. Instead of reinvesting in the marketing methods and business strategies of 2020, why not try something new for next year? A proven, data-based marketing approach like we can help your business take a fresh yet focused perspective.

From identifying the right leads to creating the most impactful mailer template, our team helps clients secure loans from start to finish. Not only are we able to help you find new leads looking to buy or sell their homes, but we're also able to assist with existing and new customers considering refinance options. Given the current market situation, this audience niche will prove especially valuable in 2021. With no signs of significant market changes in the coming year, we're encouraging clients to double-down on refinance marketing efforts.

Of course, home equity lending is a little more complicated than traditional mortgage lending -- which is why it's even more important to have the right resources on hand. Our all-in-one platform allows clients to quickly identify and move on strong leads, and our team provides top-notch training and support for loan officers. A small tweak in a sales script or a simple change in a marketing mailer could yield millions of dollars' worth of difference in your 2021 volume -- you just need the right partner to identify these areas of creative opportunity.

Our company is all about keeping clients ahead, which is why we'd encourage you to get started on your next year's planning before January settles in.

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